Claire G.

The office is efficient and friendly. The entire staff is helpful and they were always very informative about what was going on with my treatment.

Diane R.

Upon completing the first initial visit and consultation for my eldest daughter’s first round of orthodontic treatment, I knew that I was in the absolutely right place. The front office ladies are always extremely friendly, kind and complimentary. All of the staff are walking advertisements for how important a beautiful smile is as they constantly smile. I would recommend Forrest Orthodontics to anyone I meet as this place is as close to “old school” as it comes while at the same time being up to date with the latest……FB fans.

Andrea L.

Dr. Forrest sets a professional, yet compassionate and fun atmosphere in his busy office. His staff reflects his positive and nurturing attitude. Sitting with one’s mouth open is a vulnerable position, yet they all carefully explain what they are doing and work carefully to ensure comfort as they pursue best practice outcomes.

Rachel N.

We have had a great experience at Dr. Forrest’s office. Dr. Forrest takes the time to explain his approach in detail. He is careful and considerate with his patients and always takes the time to answer questions from the patients or parents. The staff is friendly, efficient and caring. We could not ask for anything more in an orthodontist.

Linda K.

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Forrest as our Orthodontist. He and his staff are so kind and welcoming that you feel right at home in his office. My children began treatment with very crowded teeth and a tendency towards an underbite. Dr. Forrest’s expertise produced not one, but four beautiful smiles on my children. In fact, one daughter was voted “Best Smile” in her senior class!

Dot P.

My experience with Dr. Forrest’s office started more than twelve years ago with my sons who all wore braces. Dr. Forrest realizes that the person comes first, and treats all patients as if they were his own family, and as individuals. Trust is paramount to allowing anyone to work with a child with braces, and Dr. Forrest is able to make a connection with children that is unsurpassed. Currently, my daughter has just completed her course with braces and we are a little sad because she is my last child and we know that we will be “graduating” from Dr. Forrest’s office. It has been an honor and a pleasure to know Dr. Thomas Forrest and his staff. I am proud to have been a part of his patient “family”, and he and his staff a part of our family. “From our hearts to yours Dr. Forrest, thank you for making all of our smiles and our lives brighter!”

Suzie B.

We have had wonderful experiences at Dr. Forrest Orthodontics. I would recommend them to anyone. Dr. Forrest is fantastic!! The entire staff is so friendly….and well trained, very professional. My girls have always enjoyed going to their appointments. There was never a wait for our scheduled appointments. This was definitely sooo important to us! My girls' teeth are beautiful now – thanks to Forrest Orthodontics!!

Susan S.

We, Caleb Russin and Mother, have had a very nice experience at Dr. Forrest’s office. Everyone has been so professional and pleasant. I must mention the time Yvette personally delivered to our house, after hours, hardware needed by Caleb’s Orthodontal surgeon. Amazing dedication to their clients!

Shelley L.

Dr. Forrest and all of his staff provide friendly, professional service. Their workmanship is precise. The office has a warm cheery feeling making it a great place for both kids and adults.